Toro 37798 Power Max 824 OE Snowblower

The Power Max 824 OE with Toro Premium 252cc OHV 4-cycle engine provides proven power and performance to make your job easier in tough winter conditions. Throws snow up to 45' (13.5 m) feet away with a 24" (61 cm) clearing width and 20" (51 cm) intake height. Ideal for concrete, asphalt or gravel surfaces that can park up to 4 - 10 cars and 6 - 12" (15-31 cm) of snow at a time.

The Power Max, with its durable components, make quick work of hard, compressed snow. It's also compact and easy to handle. The convenient one-hand operation lever frees the other hand to change speeds or adjust the chute without stopping. Easily change the chute direction and angle with the Quick Stick chute control.

A breakthrough in snow blowing technology, the exclusive Anti-Clogging System meters snow intake to prevent clogging and maximize clearing efficiency. The Heavy-Duty Auger Gearbox has special oversized hardened gears and shafts designed to withstand extreme stress. No shear pins needed! If the auger hits hard material, the engine will stall to prevent damage.

Choose the right fuel for your snowblower. For best starting results use Non-ethanol fuel with an octane rating of 87 or higher. Use fresh fuel less than 30 days old, add fuel stabilizer to reduce starting problems. Do not mix oil with gas.

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Anti-Clogging System (ACS)

The only system to allow the impeller to automatically reroute excess snow away from the chute and back into the auger to reduce clogging.

Electric Start

For hot starts on the coldest days, each Toro two-stage snowthrower cmes equipped with both electric start and a recoil mitten grip start for added piece of mind.

High-Strength Auger Gear Box

Special, hardened gears are designed to withstand the highest of stresses and provide worry-free performance - no shear pins needed.

Powerful Engines

Smooth Toro 252 4-cycle OHV engines have been tuned specifically for these models to delivery powerful, responsive performance.

Quick Stick Chute Control

Reinforced with metal rod, innovative joystick control changes chute direction on the go.

Steel Chute

The 100% steel construction chute means this snow blower is built to last.


Auger Size

11" / 28cm diameter

Auger System

Anti-Clogging System (ACS) w/ Hardened Gears; no shear pins needed.

Chute Control

Quick Stick (200 degree Rotation), Steel, Double Deflector

Clearing Width

24" / 61 cm

Drive System

Friction Disk


Toro Premium 252cc OHV 4-cycle

Engine Displacement


Fuel Capacity

3.1 Quarts (3.0 L)

Intake Height

20" / 51 cm

One-Hand Interlock




Skid Shoes



6 Forward / 2 Reverse


Electric Start

Throw Distance

Up to 45' (13.5m)


15" x 4" (39cm x 10cm)


3-Year Limited


171 lbs.