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If something on your lawn mower, snowblower or trimmer isn't working, what do you do? Call the Ghostbusters? Nope, unless your mower is bordering on the paranormal. Call Sohars, that's why we have a service department. We're here to help whether your equipment is under warranty or not. Our skilled technicians will quote you an estimate for repairs and help advise you through the repair process. We are an authorized service center for all of our equipment lines and lots of other brands of equipment.

Whether you're trying to keep your machine in top condition or bring it back from the shed, our skilled mechanics have the experience and equipment to help you out. Need to fix a piece of equipment that doesn't fit in your car? No problem, check our pickup & delivery area and give us a call or schedule your equipment service online.

Everything brought into our service department operates under a "first come, first served" atmosphere. Our average turn around time during peak season is two and a half weeks. During the off season our average turn around time fluxuates between a week to a week and a half. The sooner you can bring the equipment in, the sooner the work can be completed.

Schedule Your Service Today

Missed us during our business hours? Send us a service request and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Tune Ups

We perform the essential maintenance to keep your equipment tuned-up and running in peak condition. This service changes slightly with different types of equipment but all essential maintenance is performed in every case. If your repair requires additional parts and labor, you'll be contacted for authorization for non-tune-up repairs.

Our tune-up specials are back for a limited time. Get free pickup and delivery! Must schedule by 11/30/21.

Tune-ups include oil and spark plug(s). All other parts are additional.

Call to book your tune-up today and save on essential maintenance.

Tune-Up Rates

Equipment Type Price Special
Hand Held Units $84.99 $79.99
Backpack Leaf Blowers $104.99 $99.99
Tillers & Edgers $144.99 $139.99
Lawn Mowers (up to 22") $159.99 $149.99
Single Stage Snow Blowers $149.99 $139.99
Dual Stage Snow Blowers $179.99 $169.99
Mid-Size Mowers (23"-34") $259.99 $239.99
Riding Mowers/Tractors $259.99 $239.99
Commercial Mowers/Equipment $369.99 $339.99

Tune-Ups for Lawn & Garden

  • Routine Service & Tune-Up
  • Cleaning Mower & Traction Unit
  • Replace Spark Plug
  • Service Air Cleaner
  • Inspecting & Adjusting Belts
  • Sharpening & Balancing Blades
  • Oil Change
  • Lubrication
  • Test Ignition
  • Adjust Carburetor
  • Minor Adjustments

Tune-Ups for Snowblowers

  • Routine Service & Tune-Up
  • Replace Spark Plug
  • Gas Flush
  • Inspecting & Adjusting Belts
  • Fuel Stabilizer Added
  • Oil Change
  • Lubrication
  • Test Ignition
  • Clean Carburetor
  • Inspecting & Adjusting Paddles
  • Minor Adjustments

Blade & Chain Sharpening

Is your equipment not providing the caliber of cut your lawn grew used to? It might be time for a blade or chain sharpening. We use state of the art german engineered chain sharpening equipment to provide you with the highest quality chain sharpening on the market. Our blade sharpening is performed by skilled technicians with top-of-the-line belt grinders to make sure you always leave with a sharp, well-balanced blade that maintains its full integrity and strength.

Sharpening Rates

Lawn Mower Blades
Commercial Blade (off machine) $6.50
Standard Blade (off machine) $8.00
Mulching or Double Blade (off machine) $11.00
Single Blade (on machine) $45.00
Double Blades (on machine) $51.00
Triple Blades (on machine) $62.00
Hedge Trimmer Blades
Blade (off machine) $55.00
Blade (on machine) $90.00
Chainsaw Chain
Commercial Chain (off saw) $8.00
Chain (off saw) $10.00
Chain (on saw) $20.00

Standard Repairs

Need to get your mower fixed but it's out of warranty? We'll do our best to fix it! Bring it in to our shop or call and schedule a pick-up and delivery. When you bring your equipment in and pay the estimate fee, our skilled technicians will go through your equipment with a fine tooth comb. You'll be contacted with a quote for the repairs needed. Once the work has been approved we'll order any parts that are needed and get your euipment up and running.

Standard Repair Rates

Labor Rate $90.00 / Hour
Emergency Labor Rate $135.00 / Hour
Oil Change $20.00 + Parts
Carburetor Rebuild Starts at $45.00 + Parts
Recoil Repair (off machine) $20.00 + Parts
Recoil Repair (on machine) $45.00 + Parts
Tire Repair (off machine) $20.00 + Parts
Tire Repair (on machine) $45.00 + Parts
Tire Disposal Fee $2.00 / Tire
Environmental Fee $7.99 (required for all repairs)

Prep & Estimate Fees

New Equipment

All new equipment and accessory purchases are subject to an assembly, freight and prep fee.


A non-refundable deposit equal to the estimate fee for the machine being worked on will be required at the time of write up. The deposit will be applied to the final invoice.


Estimates include sales tax but do not include pickup/delivery charges, machine re-assembly or environmental fees. Estimate fees listed below are for machine inspection and tear-down only.


Estimate Fees
Mid-Size / Riding / Commercial Equipment $100.00
All Other Equipment $40.00
Pickup & Delivery
One-Way Pickup or Delivery $50.00
Round-Trip Pickup & Delivery $85.00
Missed Pickup or Delivery $42.50
Assembly / Prep Fees
Trimmers / Saws / Leaf Blowers $7.00
Lawn Mowers / Cultivators / Snowblowers $15.00
Riding Mowers / Tractors $50.00
Commercial Equipment $100.00

Robotic Mower Service

These mighty machines work day and night to keep your lawn looking just right. When your bot stops, we're there to get it back in action!

We cover just about any repair you may need for your robotic mower system. Everything from guide wire repair, blade replacement, firmware updates and more! Since each robotic mower installation is unique to your lawn and bot, you'll need to contact us for your robotic mower repair estimate.

Interested in a "set-and-forget" style maintenance package? Check out our We Got Your Bot Service Package