Scag 900S 3 Bag Grass Catcher for 61" Tiger Cubs/Tiger Cats/Wild Cats with Velocity Plus Decks

The Scag Zero Turn Rider Triple Bag Collection System is a perfect example of Scag's commitment to excellence and satisfying our customer's needs.

After the initial installation, the entire catcher assembly can be removed and reinstalled in just minutes without any tools. Just pull three quick-pins, release the belt and lift it off. A 148 gallon (16 bushel, 19.8 cubic feet) capacity hopper collects debris from a blower that pulverizes the debris, reducing particle size and increasing the density inside the bags.

What does this mean to you? Shredding the debris allows you to pack 50% to over 100% more into the same amount of space when compared to other grass catchers on the market. Simply put, you will be able to bag more debris before you have to stop and empty the bags. That saves time and greatly increases productivity. See your Scag Dealer today to get your hands on this incredible catcher system.

NOTE: The 3-Bag catcher system fits most 2002 and newer models. Grass catchers not compatible with Propane and Dual-Fuel models. Velocity Plus cutter decks only and is not available for 72"models.

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All Steel Blower Assembly

The all steel blower assembly is driven by the cutter deck via a self-adjusting belt idler system, rather than an auxiliary engine. That means a more compact design, less maintenance, less initial cost, quieter operation and less overall weight. Thick 1/4" fan blade material ensures dependability and long life. Improved blower bearing features stronger cast-iron housing and easier greasing for long, reliable service.

Front Counterweights

Front weight system is standard equipment. The front weights counterbalance the weight of the rear mounted catcher. Each weight weighs 35 lbs. The mounting bar weighs approximately 21.5 lbs. (Number of weights varies by mower model/size).

Hard Molded Plastic Bottoms & Steel Grab Handle

Hard, molded plastic bottoms keep the collection bags safe from curb damage, damage from trailers, etc. The steel grab handle makes emptying the bags simple and fast.

Large Capacity Collection Bags

Three separate, commercial grade collection bags. Storing the debris in three separate bags makes it easier to handle if you are dumping into the back of a truck or wagon. The bags are tapered for easy material dumping. A steel frame attaches the bags to the catcher assembly. 148 gallon (16 bushel, 19.8 cubic feet) of debris capacity along with bags designed for optimum debris packing means less time dumping and more time mowing.

Metal Debris Screen

The metal debris screen resides inside the hood of the catcher. The all metal screen design is resistant to damage from debris as it enters the hopper. The flat design of the screen allows for easy cleaning.

Simple Yet Strong Hood Latches

Positive locking handles keep the hopper lid shut and the grass bags in place, even in uneven, bumpy terrain. They are easy to engage and disengage, even when wearing work gloves.

Vertical Blower Design

Compact, vertical blower design adds only 8.5 inches to the width of the mower. That's less space than the discharge chute normally takes! The extremely durable, steel blower housing is angled at the bottom and front to prevent it from damaging uneven terrain. The blower fan is constructed of all steel, no light duty plastic components. The blower fan is 12" in diameter with fan blades (4 blades total) that are 5.75" wide. It moves some serious grass especially when compared to other "competitive" systems that only have 1.5" wide fan blades.



61" Cheetah and Turf Tiger Models w/ Velocity Plus™ Deck

Bag Capacity

16 bushels


16 Bushel Three Bag System