STIHL AP80 36V Lithium-Ion Battery

The STIHL AP 80 Lithium-Ion battery is designed for long run times and quick charging. This 36-volt battery keeps your equipment running at full speed until it's totally depleted with no gradual drop in power. And thanks to its LED charge display, you know how much power you have while you work.

The AP 80 is also lightweight, weighing in at 2.6 lbs., and can be charged hundreds of times without any noticeable loss in capacity. Even after 500 charges, the battery retains over 80% capacity. The secret is in its engineering. The battery features an onboard microprocessor to monitor voltage levels and temperature to help ensure smooth operation and a long service life.

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Compatiblility/Approximate Run Time

Compatible with models HAS 65 (45 minutes), HAS 66 (60 minutes), HLA 65 (60 minutes), HLA 85 (60 minutes), BGA 85 (7 minutes), BGA 100 (10 minutes), FSA 65 (30 minutes), FSA 85 (15 minutes) and FSA 90 R (10 minutes)


Battery Power

76 Wh

Rated Voltage



2.6 lbs.