Landscaper & Fleet Fuel Tax Savings brought to you by BJA & Associates

Looking For Ways To Save Money?
As a landscaper, lawn care service provider or golf course manager you are always looking for ways to manage your costs as effectively as possible. It is no surprise that one of your largest costs is motor fuel. Although you cant do much about the price at the pump you may be able to recover some of the motor fuel taxes included in your fuel purchases. In Ohio, state and federal motor fuel taxes on gasoline and diesel range from 46.4 to 52.4 cents per gallon.

BJA & Associates

BJA & Associates Inc. is a locally based tax service company with over 35 years of experience helping companies minimize their sales, use and motor fuel taxes. BJA specializes in performing motor fuel tax reviews for companies like yours. They will conduct a detailed examination of your fuel purchases and usage to identify, quantify and recover overpaid taxes. BJA handles all aspects of the review and all correspondence and filings with the taxing authorities so you can stay focused on your business.

Is This Right For Me?

Check your annual purchases of gasoline and diesel. If they equal 8,000 gallons or more, a motor fuel tax review may provide substantial savings to your company.

Why Act Now?

Tax law limits the time period for tax refunds. With each month you delay, potential tax refunds are lost that cannot be recovered.

How Much Will A Review Cost?

There are no upfront costs. BJA’s fees are based on a percentage of the money they recover.

How Do I Contact BJA?

You can call them at 330-603-4086 or 216-857-2300 or email them at to schedule an appointment. Contact them directly to learn more about BJA and the other tax services they offer.