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We Got Your Bot Service Package

We Got Your Bot Service Package

We are committed to making sure you get the best robotic mower experience money can buy. This package covers everything we think you need to have a completely trouble-free experience with your new bot, year after year. Individual repairs can get costly, fast. That’s why we believe our care package offers the best value you can find for this amount of coverage.

$499 for 1 Year of Coverage

Service Package Includes

  • On-Site Service Calls

    2 wire break repairs (normally $149/ea.) or 2 on-site service calls within the year.

  • App Monitoring

    Free app monitoring of your robotic mower.
    (if applicable, not all bots have app monitoring)

  • "Talk to the Tech"

    Get help with trouble shooting, recalibration, pairing with app, etc.

  • Blade Replacements

    3 blade replacements: 2 in-season replacements and 1 when we pick your bot up at the end of the season.
    (normally $50/ea.)

  • Backup Bot

    Free backup bot dropped off if yours goes down and we can't fix it within 72 hours.
    (normally $55 per day)

  • Pick-up, Storage & Delivery

    We pick up your mower at the end of the season for safe off-season storage and tune-up.
    Tune-up includes: firmware updates, new blades, cleaning, charging and any other repairs.
    (normally $260)