Honda HRM520 Miimo Robotic Mower

Miimo works, so you don't have to.

Miimo mows and charges independently, resulting in a beautifully manicured lawn with minimal owner interaction required. Miimo uses a microcomputer, timer, and sensors to provide automated, precise, unattended grass cutting. Giving you more time to do the things you really want.

Miimo operates within a boundary wire, installed around the perimeter of your lawn. Proper installation is key to the performance of your Miimo - which is exactly why your Miimo will be installed by your local Honda Miimo dealer.

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3 Cutting Patterns

Miimo offers three main programmable cutting patterns, Random, Directional or Mixed, to optimize its performance on different lawn sizes and shapes. The result? An even and consistent cut, with less stress on the lawn.

360° Awareness Sensors

Miimo is equipped with advanced sensors and a floating cover that detect obstacles. Miimo senses any contact and immediately changes direction. And Miimo knows it is lifted or tilted, stopping the blades automatically. These intelligent sensors help to keep Miimo - and its surroundings - safe.

Anti-Theft Security

Miimo is protected by a unique security PIN, which prevents unauthorized access and usage. If lifted, it sounds an alarm and immediately disengages operation. Miimo will only resume mowing when the owner enters their unique PIN.

Customizable Starting Points

Starting points help Miimo to reach all areas of your yard - ensuring efficient coverage for even the most complex yards. Up to three starting points can be programmed for the Miimo 310 and up to five starting points for the Miimo 520.

Easy Set Up Wizard

It's easy to configure the settings for the mowing operation of your Miimo. The Set Up Wizard walks you through, step by step.

Easy to Adjust Cutting Heights

Miimo's cutting heights can be adjusted from 0.8" to 2.4" simply with the turn of a knob.

Edge Cutting

Miimo keeps the borders of the lawn looking neat and finished by cutting along the guide wire twice a week. This ensures no spots are missed along the edge of the boundary.

Handles Slopes and Obstacles

Miimo handles even complex lawns with ease. Miimo can mow on slopes as steep as 25° degrees. It can navigate smoothly around features like ponds, flower beds, narrow passages, swimming pools, trees, and more.

Healthier Grass

Miimo's frequent, small cuttings create tiny grass pieces that fertilize your lawn. Plus Miimo's constant mowing makes it harder for weeds to take hold. So your lawn is healthier and beautiful every day.

Mow Day or Night

Set the right schedule for you. Miimo is happy to work day or night - so you wake up to a perfect lawn everyday.

Quick Turn

Miimo quickly and smoothly turns away from the boundary wire without stopping or backing up. This improves cutting efficiency.

Quiet Operation

Miimo is an electric mower, so it's very quiet. And if you need it to be even stealthier at night, just engage quiet mode. Miimo can reduce its noise even further.

Recharging System

Miimo's long life lithium-ion battery not only offers a quiet power source, but it is also very cost efficient to run. And Miimo is intelligent, so it automatically returns to its docking station to recharge when it is running low on power.

Seasonal Timer

Miimo can be programmed to automatically adapts to the season and grass growth rate, cutting more or less often based on grass conditions.

Special Blades

Miimo's three special blades are durable, efficient and long lasting. The blades automatically switch between clockwise and counter-clockwise spinning, decreasing wear and increasing life span. The blades swing back in the blade disc if a hard object is struck, reducing damage.

Spiral Cutting

If Miimo encounters areas of longer, thicker grass, it automatically cuts in a concentrated spiral pattern. This improves the cut quality. Miimo then changes back to normal cutting and continues mowing the rest of the yard.

Two Year Warranty

Miimo has a full two year warranty for residential and commercial use. So you can have peace of mind.


3 Cutting Mode Options

Directional / Random / Mixed

3 Razor Pivot Blades


Additional Cut Features

Spiral / Edge

Anti-Theft PIN Code and Alarm


Battery Type

Li-ion 22.2v, 3.6Ah

Charge Time (min)


Charging System


Cut Height

0.8" - 2.4"

Cut Width




Lawn Coverage (acre)




Narrow Passage Control


Quiet Timer / Mode for Night Operation


Run Time (min)


Seasonal Timer


Sensors-Bump, Lift, and Tilt


Standard Sound Level

58 db(A) Standard
55 db(A) Quiet Mode

Start Points (Cut Zones)



2 Years



Work Motor (W)


Working Slope Angle (degrees)