STIHL 2-for-1 Chain Sale *Offer Expired

*Offer Has Expired

Unfortunately this promotion has expired, please check back for more promotions.

Don’t have a STIHL chainsaw? Don’t worry, we custom make chain to fit ECHO, Husqvarna, Poulan, Sears and other chainsaws!

Why buy STIHL-brand chain? All STIHL chainsaw chains utilize the same high quality engineering and innovative technology that have made STIHL chainsaws famous. All of these high quality chains have the patented OILOMATIC® lubricating feature. This feature extends the life of the chain by delivering bar oil to the critical wear areas of the chain through specially engineered grooves.

STIHL-brand chain is given the same high level of attention that their equipment receives before leaving the factory. Every chain is pre-stretched to eliminate excessive stretching during the break-in period of the chain.

Get your hands on the best saw chains money can buy at Sohar’s All Seasons Mower Service Inc. Your local STIHL dealer and service center in Macedonia, OH.

*Offer Has Expired.

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Update: Road Construction Finished

Update: Road construction is complete. There is currently no longer a need for a detour. Continue reading

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Thoughts about weather and staying warm

For those of us here in northeast Ohio, it’s a familiar story: sipping hot chocolate while the fireplace blazes. The kids are wrapped up in blankets, watching the latest in kids programming, and you’re gazing outside watching the snow fall. Continue reading

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Fall Toro Zero-Turn Savings

Hurry and Save!

Limited time special pricing on Toro zero-turn mowers is ending soon! Cash in now and get a new Toro zero-turn mower at a great price. Toro Zero Turn Mowers allow you to cut your lawn more efficiently, spend less time in the yard and more time doing what you want. They provide unmatched maneuverability for cutting around trees and landscaping. These mowers are powerful and durable for continued high performance. Whether you’re a home owner looking for a new mower or a contractor looking to add to your fleet, we have savings on select residential and commercial Toro zero-turn models for a limited time.

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2-for-1 Chain Sale is Back!

EXPIRED: Unfortunately it looks like this deal has ended, please stay tuned for future discounts and deals at Sohar’s All Seasons Mower Service Inc.

It’s back, and just in time for fall: the 2-for-1 chain sale at Sohar’s. Stop in any time now until September 30th and save big on STIHL brand chainsaw chain. All STIHL chainsaw chain we carry is 2-for-1. Even if your saw isn’t a STIHL, you can “STIHL” get the high quality cut provided by theses superior quality chains with a premium discount.

Why buy STIHL-brand chain? Every chainsaw chain manufactured by STIHL incorporates the patented OILOMATIC® lubricating feature. This feature utilizes specially engineered grooves to channel oil to the critical wear areas of the chain. This helps extend the chain’s life and reduce its tendency for stretching. Each chain is also pre-stretched at the factory to eliminate excessive stretching during the break-in period of the chain. So, if your chain says STIHL, it’s made to last.

All STIHL chainsaw chains utilize the same high quality engineering and innovative technology that have made STIHL chainsaws famous. Get your hands on this superior technology at a great discount today at Sohar’s All Seasons Mower Service, Inc. your local STIHL dealer and service center for Macedonia, Ohio and the surrounding area.

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Highland Rd Is Now Open!

After almost two years of road closings, we are happy to announce that East Highland is now open for traffic over the railroad bridge!

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Highland Road Bridge is Almost Open!

THE HIGHLAND ROAD BRIDGE is almost complete! A few more details need to be completed before it can be officially opened for traffic, but we’re very close.

Today, we celebrated the ribbon cutting ceremony. By authorization of the city of Macedonia, Mayor Don Kuchta proudly dedicated the bridge in honor of Dina Dlugoz. On April 6, 1986, Dina was struck and killed by a train in a tragic accident at this railroad crossing. The new bridge over the railroad tracks will help motorists and pedestrians to avoid future accidents. In addition, Mayor Kuchta dedicated the new road and cul-de-sac located off of Empire Parkway (built in fall of 2011) to Macedonia Patrolman Gary Paster who was killed in the line of duty on May 29, 1986.

We will let you know with another update when the bridge opens. Please look for pictures of the bridge opening on our Facebook page: Click here to visit our Facebook page.

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2012′s Record Breaking Heat

In the 1930’s, the scorching heat brought up an ongoing series of severe dust storms and drought, setting many heat records in its path, which is now infamously known as the Dust Bowl. Fast forward almost a century and the heat is back. This July’s average temperature was at 77.6 degrees! It was so hot, it actually broke our country’s record from 1936! This year’s temperatures severely exceeded the average. The average heat index in the month of July was 20%, but this year it rose up to 37%. This isn’t necessarily a good thing in some situations–drought conditions were happening in over half of the country. In just July alone, wildfires spread across nearly 2 million acres of land. Over the last decade, July has just been getting hotter—global warming or just coincidence? Either way, it looks like we’ll be watering our lawns in July for many years to come!

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Buyers New Expansion

Buyers Products, located in Mentor, Ohio, is growing! The company, most well-known for manufacturing snow plows replacement parts and salt spreaders, recently decided to expand their facility by adding to their existing 310,000 square foot facility. The new facility is expected to be 500,000 square feet, and will be built for further manufacturing of snow-related products. With the new addition, Buyers will have a total of four locations and nearly 1.4 million square feet of property.

Mark Saltzman, President of Buyers Products, explains that “the new production building will allow us to have a dedicated facility to focus on the continued growth of our popular snow and ice control business, which includes our SnowDogg®, SaltDogg® and ScoopDoggTM product lines.” 1


1. Green Industry Supply Chain Management (July 27, 2012)

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Professional Chain Sharpening

The fall season is quickly approaching and soon, it’ll be time to think about firewood. We recommend getting your chains sharpened before the season hits. Have you heard? Here at Sohar’s, we use the one-of-a-kind Franzen Chain Sharpener. The Franzen Chain Sharpener is a state-of-the-art machine that professionally and accurately sharpens chains. We still sell hand sharpeners and files over the counter, but the Franzen is like no other.

Our competitors sharpen chains by hand – this could cause the chain to be over-sharpened, reducing the life of your chain. Sharpening by hand also takes a lot of time so the turnaround is much slower, but the majority of our chains are sharpened within 24-hours of when they were dropped off. The Franzen machine ensures a quality cut by sharpening both the chain and the raker at the exact same time. Its unique cutting wheel design allows the chain to be sharpened to the same depth, the same way, to every link, without damaging the integrity of the material. This extends the life of your chain and guarantees that your chain will provide a quality cut.

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