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If something on your lawn mower, snowblower or trimmer isn’t working, what do you do? Call Ghost Busters? I don’t think so. Call Sohar’s, that’s why we have a service department. We’re here to help whether your equipment is under warranty or not. Our skilled technicians will quote you an estimate for repairs and will help advise you through the repair process. Not only are we an authorized service center for all of our equipment lines but we are also authorized to perform warranty service for many other brands of equipment.

Whether you’re trying to keep your machine in top condition or bring it back from the shed our skilled mechanics have the experience and equipment to help you out. Need to fix a piece of equipment that doesn’t fit in our car? No problem, give us a call and schedule a pickup!

Everything brought into our service departent operates under a “firstcome, first served” atmosphere. Our average turn around time during peak season is two and a half weeks. During the off season our average turn around time fluxuates between a week to a week and a half. The sooner you can bring the equipment in, the sooner the work can be completed.

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I bought my machine from you and it’s still under warranty, how can I get it fixed?

We keep your purchase information on file, just remind us when you call (330-467-1332) or come in that you bought it from us and we’ll take care of the warranty information.

I purchased a piece of equipment from a box store or other dealer and I think it’s still under warranty, what should I do?

You’ll need a copy of the original purchase receipt with the date that it was purchased. In some cases, certain warrantors may require additional information, so please call (330-467-1332) ahead if you have any questions.

I don’t have a vehicle big enough to bring in my machine, do you offer pickup and delivery?

Yes! Our current rate for round-trip pickup and delivery is $100 inside our service area. Please call or stop in to schedule a pickup time.

My machine is out of warranty and I need to get it fixed! Can you fix it for me?

Well do our best! Bring it in or call to schedule a pickup time (pickup & delivery charges are additional).

How long will it take for my machine to be fixed?

Our turn-around time during peak season is approximately 2-1/2 weeks. During normal times (the other 10 months of the year), turn-around time is around a week to a week and a half. Have a question about a particularly time-sensitive job? Give us a call, we’ll do our best to help you out.

Can I schedule an appointment?

We currently do not schedule equipment for service based on appointments, everything brought into our service department operates under a “first come, first served” atmosphere. The earlier you can bring the machine in here, the sooner it is to being completed.

What are you doing to preserve energy and the environment?

Within the last year, we’ve replaced our older-style heating, air conditioning and lighting with high-efficiency infrared heating, air conditioning and lighting. We have procedures for oil/petroleum recycling that includes humane removal from our facility.

What if a part isn’t in stock, can I still get it?

We’ll order it for you! Special part orders usually take 3-7 days for a part to arrive. We have expedited options available and can also ship parts to your house if you can’t make it here (shipping charges are additional). Please note that require a deposit on all parts that are considered “special order” (ones that we do not currently keep in our local inventory).

What does it mean if a part is “NLA” or “no longer available”?

Manufacturers decide when to discontinue parts and equipment production. When an item has been marked “NLA” or “no longer available”, this means that the item has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase through our suppliers. Occasionally, we will have stock of a few discontinued items but supply is limited, and once we’re out of stock, we can’t get any more.

What does “aftermarket” mean?

Aftermarket products are those that are made by alternate vendors other than the original equipment vendor. For example, a blade might be produced by Toro and by quite a few aftermarket manufacturers. We normally recommend that you buy only original parts to maintain the highest level of accuracy and precision; however, we understand that these parts can be expensive so we offer aftermarket parts as a less expensive alternative to the high prices of OEM parts.