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Cut-Off Saws

There are no tougher jobs than those on construction sites and demolition operations. And a STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine can be an ideal companion on those jobs. STIHL cut-off machines are number one worldwide and they deliver superior power and convenient controls.

  • STIHL TS 410 Cutquik Cut-Off Saw w/ 12" Wheel

    The TS 410 is a lean, clean, cut-off machine that's easy to use and easier to maintain. Just squeeze the trigger and watch its 12" cutting wheel grind through iron, steel, concrete and expectationsPart of the STIHL Cutquik series, this model features...

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  • STIHL TS 420 Cutquik Cut-Off Saw w/ 14" Wheel

    The TS 420 is so popular, it could possibly be called "the standard" to which other cut-off machines are comparedUsers like it because it is compact, lightweight, reliable and proves itself day in and day out, all day longThe TS 420 features all the...

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  • STIHL TS 700 CutQuik Cut-Off Saw w/ 14" Wheel

    The 14" STIHL TS 700 cut-off machine is the powerhouse of the STIHL lineDesigned for superior handling during the toughest jobs, this machine features a powerful, high-speed engine, large fuel capacity, five-point dual element vibration control system...

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  • STIHL TS 800 Cutquik Cut-Off Saw w/ 16" Wheel

    The TS 800 STIHL Cutquik cut-off machine features a magnesium guard making the machine a full 0.7 pounds lighter than the previous modelThe TS 800 features a 16 cutting wheel, the largest size we offer in a handheld designWhen used with the optional...

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