STIHL AL100 Standard Battery Charger

The STIHL Battery KombiSystem is more than your average family of power tools. It represents a new generation of lawn care technology. Likewise, the STIHL AL 100 is not your average battery charger - it's designed exclusively for STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries, delivering smart features that save you time and money. With a charge time of 70 minutes or less (charging time approximated using STIHL AP 80 Lithium-Ion battery), you can swap batteries throughout your workday, or leave them to charge overnight. Once your battery is recharged, the AL 100 switches off automatically to prevent over-charging. And with its bright LED display, you can always see how much battery life it has before clicking it into your STIHL Lithium-Ion power tool of choice.

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Compatibility/Approximate Charge Time

AP 80 (70/100 minutes), AP 100 (60/90 minutes), AP160 (150/165 minutes), AP 180 (160/210 minutes) and AP 300 (190/250 minutes)



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