Scag SVRII-36A-19FX 36" Stand On Lawn Mower with 19HP Kawasaki Engine & Advantage Deck

The V-Ride II is an ultra compact, agile, comfortable and stable stand-on mowing machine. It combines the speed and comfort of a rider with the space-saving convenience of a walk-behind mower.

Despite its compact size, the V-Ride II boasts many full-sized features like dual hydraulic pump dual wheel motor drive system, coil-suspension platform, and a heavy-duty steel main frame. This is truly the ultimate stand-on mower with excellent handling, stability and quality. No cut corners, no compromise, nothing but top quality construction and unmatched performance.

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"Split-Steel" Pulleys

"Split-Steel" pulleys are used on load carrying areas like the cutter deck spindles and pump drive systems. Split steel pulleys are stronger than cast iron or stamped pulley designs. Our pulleys are strong for long life and lightweight for reduced inertia and decreased wear on the cutter deck drive system.

Deck Leveling Adjustment Brackets

Deck leveling adjustment brackets at all four corners of the deck allows for easy in-the-field deck leveling and pitch adjustment.

Easily Adjust Cutting Heights

Easily adjust cutting heights with the convenient, easy to lift hand lever. Wide range of adjustment from 1-1/2" to 4-1/2" in 1/4" increments. Auto-lock in transport position with a simple thumb release.

Extra-Large Drive Tires

Extra-large drive tires ensure better traction, less turf tearing and easy curb climbing. Drive tires are 4-ply for added durability.

Heavy-Duty Blade Drive Spindles

Heavy-duty blade drive spindles provide reliable performance season after season. The Scag spindle is more than tough enough to handle the high horsepower and torque requirements of this mower. Three year limited warranty on the spindles.

High Quality Electrical Components

High quality electrical components such as switches, wiring and harness looms are used throughout the Scag mower line for dependable service.

High-Quality Bearings

High-quality bearings and bearing debris guards on idler pulleys ensure long, reliable service.

Interlocked Parking Brake

Interlocked parking brake prevents the mower from being driven with the brake on, stopping premature brake wear.

Large Diameter, Padded Steering Control Levers

Large diameter, padded steering control levers are very comfortable and easy on your hands. The hand force required to control the V-Ride II is minimal and the lever action is extremely smooth.

No-Slip Footing

Wide operator platform is made from heavy gauge steel with extruded star pattern for no-slip footing. Platform is wide and unobstructed.

Scag Tough Main Frame Construction

Scag tough main frame construction delivers solid strength and ensures years of trouble-free service. The main frame was designed for strength and longevity.

Spacious Operator Platform

Spacious operator platform with coil suspension delivers a smooth the ride and reduces operator fatigue.

Tapered Locking Hubs

Tapered locking hubs are used on spindle shafts and pump input shafts for easy pulley removal and service for years to come.



3 x Marbain

Commercial Warranty

2 years

Cutting Height

1.5" - 4.5"

Cutting Height Adjustments

1/4" increments

Cutting Width




Deck Warranty

3 years


19 hp

Drive Shaft


Drive System

Dual hydraulic pumps


Kawasaki FX Air-Cooled

Engine Cylinders

Twin Cylinder

Engine Warranty

2 years

Ground Speed

0 - 10.5 mph





Residential Warranty

3 years or 500 hours

Spindle Warranty

3 years




799 - 832 lbs.


11x4-5 Flat-free, Semi-pneumatic w/ tapered roller bearings (front)
20x8-10, 4 ply (rear)


47.75" (chute down)
37.25" (chute in transport position)