Scag 9263 Hurricane Mulch Kit for 2004 & Newer 36" Advantage Decks

The unique Hurricane Mulch System employs "Eye of the Hurricane" mulching plates combined with bolt-in v-baffles and flow directors.

Eliminator blades, a side discharge close-off plate and hardware complete the system. The result is the best performing, most productive mulching system available for commercial mowers! Because the cutting chambers are not completely separated, grass clippings travel between the chambers for high-velocity mulching.

The "Eye of the Hurricane" mulch plates efficiently force the cut grass into the path of the Eliminator blades, where it is shredded and quickly driven into the ground. This prevents loading up of grass clippings on the underside of the deck and requires less horsepower to mulch, even in moist conditions.

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36" Advantage decks with serial number range 8910000 - C2099999 (2004+)


Hurricane Mulch Kit