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EGO Batteries & Chargers

EGO's ARC Lithium Battery - the industry's most advanced Lithium Ion Battery

The industry leading technology behind Ego's ARC Lithium Ion batteries maximizes the power output, lifespan and power delivery to the entire EGO lineup. The individual cells are surrounded by the patented Keep Cool Cell Technology that uses as revolutionary phase changing material to push heat away from the cells which keeps them cooler longer.

The patented ARC Lithium™ design arranges the cells in a way that reduces overheating and maximizes the length of time your equipment can run at full power with a single charge. The intelligent power management monitors and optimizes each cell individually to maximize power, performance and runtime. All of this technology is protected by the sealed and shock resistant housing designed to guarantee the highest level of performance and durability possible, protecting batteries from the elements and drops.

Not only do EGO's ARC Lithium Ion batteries outperform and outlast the competition, you'll get one of the fastest charges in the industry with EGO's exceptional charge times.

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