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ECHO Perfect Edge™ edgers create that perfect manicured look for commercial properties and residential home sites. Nothing finishes a yard like a crisp edge between a sidewalk and the turf.

An ECHO edger delivers superior power and durability in lightweight and easy-to-maneuver units.

  • ECHO PE-225 21.2cc Edger w/ 8" Blade Image

    ECHO PE-225 21.2cc Edger w/ 8" Blade

    Great choice for residential and commercial properties21.2cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for outstanding performanceDurable, molded shield for reduced material kickbacki-30 starting system for reduced effort startingHeavy-duty, height-adjustable...

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  • ECHO PE-2620 25.4cc X Series Edger w/ 8" Blade Image

    ECHO PE-2620 25.4cc X Series Edger w/ 8" Blade

    Revolutionary combination of low weight and high horsepower25.4cc professional-grade two-stroke engine manufactured from military-grade magnesiumTool-less access for convenient in-field servicingLarge 20.6 fluid ounce fuel tank for extended run time...

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